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Hello.  I'm Ross Ozer, the founder and designer at rjostudio|HANDCRAFTED (formerly OG Studio Creations). I'm dedicated to designing and crafting children's decor, home accents and men’s fashion accessories that captivate.


I’ve been a passionate serial crafter my entire life.  Leaving the corporate world in 2017 allowed me to pursue my passion 24/7.  It's been an amazing journey building a company that’s all about delivering extraordinary designs and craftsmanship that amplifies the personality of one’s home and wardrobe.


I’ve been a devotee of bow ties for a really long time.  Even when we were allowed to go business casual in the workplace, I would often reach for one of my bow ties to spice up my outfit. But it was my wearing a wood bow tie that would spark the greatest interest.  I learned pretty quickly—when it comes to men’s fashion, nothing captivates and creates conversations more than wood bow ties and their complementary accessories. Why?  They’re just plain fun.

By the time I left my corporate role, I was known as the ‘bow tie guy,’ so it’s no big surprise that as a full-time artisan, I’d find a path to bring a new dimension to the art of wood bow ties and their matching accessories.


Whenever we would host parties, our home would be fill with candlelight. There's something about the ambiance that gets created by that flickering candle that I find magical.  When I started crafted, I envisioned making pieces that would transform the light into something truly captivating.


A friend took one look at my lanterns and said, "you could make those into piggy banks with a different top and bottom." Yes...he was right. It was that inspiration that had me coming up with some fun designs and putting smiles on little kid's faces. Of course, many of my designs are perfect for adults, too!

What makes me different? I’ve taken a fresh approach to design and craftsmanship to create something special:

  • Inspired by mid-century, Asian and African motifs, I design sophisticated, playful and attention-grabbing patterns that are captivating 
  • I am relentless in our pursuit of quality materials and make sourcing from the US a priority.
  • My studio resides in New England’s largest makerspace that fosters innovation and excellence.
  • I am driven by a passionate customer-centric orientation in all we do.

My pieces are original designs.  I use lasers to cut and engrave my bamboo and then finish everything by hand—sanding, oiling, waxing and assembly.  It’s a labor of love.

I hope you’ll explore our collections and get as captivated as we are everyday.